After a long hiatus

Hey there! So, it has been probably more than a year since I ever made a post. I experienced a massive shift in life that required me to focus on other things.

When I started the blog, I was in my first year of graduate school at Johns Hopkins University and the year 2016/beginning 2017 were the most challenging time periods! Well. I am glad to say that I graduated! Yes! God is good and He has been faithful. The time went by so fast! I initially was so nervous and thought I couldn’t make it but I did!!!!

Unfortunately, I had to end my three year relationship and that in itself has been quite the journey and I will share my lessons in subsequent blogs. I however must say that I am grateful to God for the journey and the end of the relationship for the things He has revealed to me, is teaching me and has in stored for me. Okay seriously, more on that later.

I also had to deal with post-graduation depression. I did my research and found out that it is real! Yet I am glad I am out of it now. I embraced the pain and the low points and also held onto God’s Word to put on a garment of praise for that spirit of ‘post-graduation depression’.

I also started writing a book and that had to go back on my projects shelf due to my school workload. It was a book on preparing for marriage. I plan to resume that now that I am done with school. Interesting enough, the devil is challenging my desire to write this book due to another failed relationship. Yet, I realized that everything happens because G-O-D has a plan!!!! And the things I have learned in and out of my relationship are very important to include in this book and so I will write on!

My life is in the process of turning a new chapter and though change is scary and at times painful, I trust in God that in the end, He desires good things for me.

So I am back!!!!! Just know this, no matter where you are and how you feel, just know that God is always in control.



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