I want more

Life is like a journey with a series of rest stops such as singleness, marriage, parenthood, and career achievements. Most people tend to never continue after certain rest stops. They get comfortable and do not want to venture out for more. However, some of us do not like to settle. We want more out of this life. There has got to be more than this lifeless marriage, more than this unfulfilling job, more than this feeling of worthlessness, more of God…. We just want more.

We want to be challenged and live a life of purpose that is bigger than who we are now. We are uncomfortable because we believe we are destined for greatness. We do not see how it will happen but we have the sheer resolve in our hearts that we are powerful. No, that is not pride nor arrogance! It is not a bad feeling either. Failing to accept that you are great hurts God. Do you doubt that your heavenly Father wants to see you succeed?!!! You have been equipped by God to be great. God never brought us on earth just to settle and not have any impact. He gave each and everyone of us a gift, talent and purpose.

Do not diminish your gift. We ALL have a role to play! Even the ant has a role to play on earth, how much more You! Your gift and talent makes you live a life of intentionality. You do not wonder through life aimless but you walk with a purpose and with fulfillment. Even now as I write this, I am still discovering my purpose and that is okay. Your purpose isn’t a place where you arrive but a life that you live out to impact. I just keep walking with God as He helps me walk and through my purpose. Don’t let the devil or anyone trick you into giving up or settling. You are powerful and influential if you choose this day to be.

If you find yourself feeling uncomfortable where you are, be happy that you haven’t settled. Now rise up, hold your head high, get out there, and find your purpose in God and walk in it!


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