The book of psalms in the bible is filled with songs of praise, worship and supplication. Every now and then there is a word that appears between psalms that is “Selah”. Selah means pause and reflect. See, during worship, there is a Selah moment. The moment when we reflect on what we are singing and whom we are singing about. Yet I believe that in the Selah moment, we pause to give God the opportunity to respond to our worship. I experienced an amazing Selah moment a few days ago during mid week church service a few days ago. That day was probably one of the hardest days I had experienced in my life. From not getting a prospective job, losing a dear coworker, funeral of a high school mate who happened to be my age, and family issues, by night, I had felt every negative emotion on earth. I was so angry that I almost shut down everyone and everything around me. Yet it is amazing how the Holy Spirit reminded me to not miss my church midweek service. So despite not being in the mood, I pressed my way to church. My plan was just to sit down, give offering, and, listen to the word of God. Afterward I will just tell God that I paid my dues so He should just leave me alone. Yet during my Selah, I had the most amazing encounter with God. He revealed a lot of things to me that I just couldn’t keep to myself. This is what He shared with me.

“Why are you so angry? Why do you feel alone? Why don’t you understand that I loved you before you were conceived? There is nothing that can separate you from my love. Not even the things you are going through right now. See you are holding on too tight to the things in this life and that is why you are hurting. Just let everything go and leave it in my hands. Don’t you see that I have an expected end for you? You are my pride because I bought you with everything I had. I made you my child. I gave you authority. You are royalty. Why do you pity yourself? Am I not enough? You have me and in me, you find everything. In me, you find completion.”

It was the most soothing and gentle voice I had ever heard and afterward I was at peace within. I implore you to take time to pause during worship so you do not miss the Selah moment. God is trying to speak to you. Pause and listen. Selah


(Link to Featured image : cross in sunlight with dark border by Patricia Hammell Kashtock)

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  1. It is true as many times our issues way ever so high than the one is higher than ALL. I am happy you experienced. I hope to experience such all the days of my life

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