What do you do in the transition period?

One of the most common clichés  heard is “ the only constant in life is change”. Theoretically I do agree with the need to be adaptable in order to deal well with changes that occur in life. Realistically? I despise change! I get so stressed out and just very uncomfortable whenever any major life changes occur.

In fact for the past two weeks, I have been going through major changes; wrapping up at my current job, preparing to start a new job and the beginning of a new semester at school. I was excited and grateful to God for the career change because He indeed had answered my prayer. I will also grateful to God for the start of a new semester because it was another step closer to obtaining my masters. Yet the stress of switching between jobs and the increase difficulty level in my classes had me stressing out, nervous, confused and fearful. Initially I was complaining, just going through the motions and also feeling guilty because I was not finding time to get to this blog.

Yet in the past few days, I have begun to experience a shift in mindset towards my approach to this transition. Firstly, I realized that in every transition, there is the opportunity to properly close one chapter and effectively step into the next phase. Instead of stressing out, I used that period to reflect on the old phase and figure out what lessons I had learned from my old job. I also used the opportunity to figure out how those lessons will prepare me for my new job. I also realized that this transition was God’s way of taking me out of my comfort zone because He is indeed taking me to the next step towards fulfilling His plan for my life. The increase difficulty in classes meant that I was no longer drinking milk but was being lead to much more advanced material that I would require in my future.

Although I am still going through the transition, I have a renewed attitude of hope, reflection and utter dependence on God for direction, sustenance and strength.

I hope and pray that you continue to move into different levels in whatever it is that God has planned for you. And when the transition occurs, instead of stressing out and being disturbed due to the discomfort, let us use that opportunity to draw closer to God and prepare even more effectively for the next phase!


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  1. Well said! Change is a difficult subject matter but when we summon some little efforts back with God’s strength the end results are always rewarding

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